DPD Series Three-Phase Monitoring Relay with NFC Configuration

Posted in Carlo Gavazzi Controls Products by Alison on August 9th 2017

DPD is the first NFC configurable three phase or three phase + neutral multifunction monitoring relay suitable for both Delta and Star mains.

This 3-phase voltage and frequency monitoring relay provides the maximum flexibility in very compact dimensions, offering a wide range of features in a mere 22.5mm product width, with voltage measurements from 177V to 552V LL or 102V to 318V LN and an operating frequency from 45 to 440Hz.   It protects loads from phase reversal, phase loss and phase asymmetry, voltage or frequency measurements outside the user-configured settings and/or thresholds.

The DPD relay is delivered with factory default alarm settings, which can be modified according to your own requirements. These default settings can be altered using the App via a smartphone or desktop using a USB NFC reader/writer and uploaded to the DPD using NFC communication protocol.  The app allows you to select the required settings, save them for future use and send new configurations to the device.  NFC communication also allows the App to easily replicate the configuration from one device to another.

Only 2 part numbers cover all variants of mains type, voltage and frequency values reducing your stock inventory.  DPD has two separate relay outputs and up to 10 Alarms combinable with AND / OR operators.

Three front LEDs provide visual indication of output status and alarm identification.

DPD is suitable for all applications where it is necessary to monitor phase presence, correct phase sequence and the quality of three phase mains voltage + frequency: applications include lifts and escalators, HVAC, materials handling, cranes, pumps and compressors and power generating systems.  This new unit is also an excellent off the shelf solution for any electrical distributor, wholesaler or panel builder.


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