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Posted in Carlo Gavazzi Controls Products by Alison on April 2nd 2020

Carlo Gavazzi has enhanced their popular Car Park Guidance range by offering either a flush mounting wireless sensor or a camera-based solution for detecting cars in open car parks.

The first option uses a rugged magnetic sensor mounted in the ground of each parking bay, entirely unobtrusive to the user.  Two different technologies are available to transmit the data, the first is based upon the long-range wireless protocol LoRaWAN®, the other uses narrow band (NB-IoT) technology. Each sensor uses minimum power from its in-built lithium battery which can last up to 10 years.

The second option uses camera-based technology to monitor multiple bays, each IP camera can detect on average of up to 40 bays and the centralised hub can manage up to 8 cameras.  Only the numerical occupancy data is collected and relayed to the car park system, therefore no sensitive data can be accessed; making it fully compliant with GDPR.

Both systems require a centralised hub to collect the data before it is transmitted to the Car Park control system where the information is collated and used by the system to display the precise information on signage throughout the car park, allowing the user to easily find standard spaces, disabled spaces and EV charge point locations.

The colour of the LED indicator can be changed to indicate a reserved space, or temporarily change the use of a section of the car park for a particular event or occasion.  Strategically located alpha/numeric displays can quickly guide the driver to the nearest available space following the shortest route.

The Car Park Guidance System is completely scalable and is well suited to many car parking applications for both indoor and outdoor use including hospitals, shopping centres, leisure facilities and hotels.  When used outdoors it can also act as a constant visual deterrent to theft, vandalism and assaults. Giving parkers an added sense of safety.

The Car Park Guidance System provides a GUI (graphical user interface) management tool via the built-in web server.   Displaying the status of each space, virtual space availability and bar graphs to show the situation of each level or area and provide statistical data and trends.  All data is fully exportable to excel.  Access is available from any PC for real time monitoring, control and statistics.

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