Carlo Gavazzi Energy Solutions

Carlo Gavazzi Energy Solutions

Heres how to convert a 72x72 Energy meter to 96x96

Posted in Carlo Gavazzi Energy Solutions by Alison on August 18th 2015

Now the WORLDS FIRST compact 1-2-3 phase energy meter, with detachable display, dual mounting technology and multiple display applications meets the needs of a 96mm x 96mm meter   We are pleased to announce the launch of the EM200-96 Adapter Frame for use with Carlo Gavazzi meters such as EM210, EM270, EM271 and the popular EM21-72D, EM21-72R and EM21-72V.    T[…]

Carlo Gavazzi Launches its Updated CIBSE Accredited Making Energy Management Work CPD

Posted in Carlo Gavazzi Energy Solutions by Alison on July 16th 2015

The drive for greater energy efficiency in our buildings continues to gather pace.  Metering is a valuable tool in the search for cost savings when it is applied in the right way. Consuming less energy is a consequence of getting the technology and strategy right, when this is understood and implemented then a building’s performance can be improved and energy usage reduced.   […]

VMU-Y makes a piece of cake out of multi-site energy management

Posted in Carlo Gavazzi Energy Solutions by Alison on June 9th 2015

Carlo Gavazzi presents a no annual fee solution For many organisations the key to successful energy monitoring is flexibility and as such a solution which provides the ability to monitor a single site or multiple sites and installations via a gateway is essential. But the ability for this solution to be scalable is also a major benefit for companies large and small because it enables their e[…]

EM2 Makes Energy Management Easy Across Multiple Sites

Posted in Carlo Gavazzi Energy Solutions by Alison Stevens on March 11th 2015

While the collection of energy consumption data is becoming the norm, it is the ability to collect this data in a manner which allows the user flexibility to manage the information according to their own needs which is essential. However, if you are responsible for multiple sites and installations you will need to collect and integrate the data from all of the sites to achieve the goal efficient[…]

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