EM2 Makes Energy Management Easy Across Multiple Sites

Posted in Carlo Gavazzi Energy Solutions by Alison Stevens on March 11th 2015

While the collection of energy consumption data is becoming the norm, it is the ability to collect this data in a manner which allows the user flexibility to manage the information according to their own needs which is essential. However, if you are responsible for multiple sites and installations you will need to collect and integrate the data from all of the sites to achieve the goal efficiently.

These factors have influenced many of the systems which are now on the market and the fast pace at which technology has continued to evolve in this field has proved to be a real benefit for the end user.

Carlo Gavazzi offer multiple software solutions from a simple web based solution called VMU-C EM for monitoring small or single site installations of up to 32 meters, VMU-Y EM provides all of the benefits of a multi-site solution without ongoing costs and effectively allows you to monitor up to 320 meters whilst accessing the information from any PC using a standard web browser.  But for the larger multisite installation we have now launch EM²-Server which utilises cloud based technology and makes ease of monitoring up to 3200 energy meters located anywhere in the world.

The evolution of cloud based technology in recent years has also introduced a greater degree of flexibility in the way that data is gathered and monitored remotely. It is this technology which lies at the heart of our EM²-Server which still uses the VMU-C EM as a gateway but provides a cloud solution for the management of multi-site applications.

The EM²-Server is a virtual machine software solution which is hosted either in the customer’s own facility as a self-contained solution, or in a hosting centre. It enables the user to scale up the size of existing VMU-C EM based installations and as a result allows for flexible monitoring and data aggregation from up to 3200 meters located in up to 100 installation sites within a single central database.

For many organisations the key to successful energy monitoring is flexibility and as such a solution which provides the ability to monitor a single site or multiple sites is essential. But the ability for this solution to be scalable is also a major benefit for companies large and small because it enables their energy management system to evolve with the company.

What is clear is that in order to gain a comprehensive picture of energy usage the user requires a solution which combines all of this whilst allowing them to determine how to manage the information which is gathered – and only then will the best results be achieved.

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