Carlo Gavazzi Sensor Products

Carlo Gavazzi Sensor Products

3-Phase SSRs for Panel Mounting 48 Amps Per Phase

Posted in Carlo Gavazzi Sensor Products by Alison on February 7th 2019

Carlo Gavazzi brought us the world’s first 17.5mm solid state relay and contactor and now it introduces its RGC3..48 to its highly popular and established range of RGC solid state relays.  The RGC3…48 solid state relay with integrated heatsink is intended to replace mechanical contactors especially when switching is frequent. The RG Series offers reliable operation and excel[…]

PD86 Ensures Safe and Reliable Detection

Posted in Carlo Gavazzi Sensor Products by Alison on November 5th 2018

  Carlo Gavazzi has extended its popular range of polarized retro-reflective sensors with a powerful stylish and versatile unit, the PD86XAP12.  The sensor is designed to meet the harsh environments of today’s industrial door and gate applications. With a long straight sensing distance of 12 metres on an 80mm diameter reflector the PD86 has a simple adjustable horizontal and […]

IO-Link for CA18CA and CA30CA Capacitive Proximity Sensors

Posted in Carlo Gavazzi Sensor Products by Alison on October 17th 2018

Carlo Gavazzi have launched their CA18CA and CA30CA TRIPLESHIELDTM capacitive sensor range complete with integrated IO-Link communication, placing Carlo Gavazzi right at the heart of Industry 4.0. IO-Link increases the usefulness of traditional sensors by adding functionality, programmability, and customisation and offers over half a million combination settings. Allowing real-time data to be[…]

ICS and ICB Inductive Proximity Sensors with integrated IO Link Technology

Posted in Carlo Gavazzi Sensor Products by Alison on September 3rd 2018

Carlo Gavazzi has launched a new range of inductive proximity Sensors with integrated IO Link.  The ICS and ICB range offer M8 to M30 barrel sizes, the IO link provides multiple solutions to common factory automation dilemmas.  IO Link can provide many advantages such as standardized and reduced wiring, broader range of available data and configurations, remote configuration, monitorin[…]

CD34 Capacitive Sensor for Accurate level detection

Posted in Carlo Gavazzi Sensor Products by Alison on July 2nd 2018

Compact housing with IP69K ratings and ECOLAB approval for wash-down applications and harsh environments Carlo Gavazzi has launched its latest CD34CNFLF capacitive sensor with foreground suppression, designed to detect water-based liquids through a non-metallic container wall.  The CD34 automatically adjusts to various thicknesses of plastic and glass; reliably detecting whilst ignoring re[…]

Carlo Gavazzis PD140 offers easy alignment and reliable detection

Posted in Carlo Gavazzi Sensor Products by Alison on September 27th 2017

Carlo Gavazzi's PD140 is a vandal proof photoelectric sensor in a robust aluminium housing capable of detecting up to 60m, allowing for detection of both vehicles and persons especially within harsh weather conditions such as snow, fog and rain. The new PD140FNT60 through beam sensor is designed for the automatic and industrial door and gate applications. Sensing distances are achieved through[…]

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