Carlo Gavazzis SB2REP230 Repeater goes to great lengths

Posted in Carlo Gavazzi Smart Building Solutions by Alison on July 3rd 2015

Carlo Gavazzi has launched the SB2REP230 repeater which dramatically increases transmission distance by up to 4 times when used in systems with high loads in a typical building automation application.

This increases the opportunity to install many more bus powered devices on the Smart Dupline® bus and makes network design far simpler as you can connect the Smart Dupline® SB2REP230 to any point on the Dupline® bus.

The Smart Dupline® SP2REP230 is a 115/240V AC powered repeater and isolator.  The repeater regenerates the voltage levels of the Dupline® carrier signal and provides an output load capability of 300mA complete with isolation between the primary and secondary sides, meaning that the primary side will not be affected by a bus short circuit on the secondary side. The SP2REP230 supports automatic restart within 10 seconds after the short has been removed.

Only 2 DIN wide the SP2REP230 Smart Dupline® repeater operates within 0 to +50°C temperature range and carry CE marks and are cULus approved according to UL60950.

The Smart Dupline® bus wiring topology is completely free which means the installation can be carried out using the lowest cost route rather than just multi dropping from sensor to sensor.  Either way this solution is easier and cheaper than traditional parallel wiring, which also reduces the number of DDC’s and sub-panels required and provides higher flexibility for last minute changes and enhancements.  A simple unscreened 2 core bus cable is all that is required to make the Dupline® connection, a 4 core cable can be used to transmit the power around with the Dupline® bus for when you need to power the environmental sensors.   CO2 + Temperature + Humidity information is converted from 0/4-20mA to Dupline® locally before being transmitted back over the Dupline® network to the controller.


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