EOS-Server moves PV monitoring to the cloud

Posted in Carlo Gavazzi Solar Solutions by Alison on August 28th 2015

Carlo Gavazzis web based easy to use software makes for multiple PV sites

Carlo Gavazzis launch of the EOS-Server software allows users to monitor and control up to 100 VMUC-PV units which can gather data from up to 6,400 Energy meters/inverters and up to 1500 string boxes. The collection of accurate and dependable data supports an efficient revenue stream from your installation. The Eos-Server has no annual fee or monthly charges for data as it is all stored locally or in the cloud; giving you the user full visibility and control.
The EOS-Server software is fed by the VMUC-PV which provides you with vital information on combined string efficiency, DC power, solar irradiation and temperature trends. Monitoring and control down to each string provides an immediate localisation of any faults which can significantly reduce your maintenance time and downtime costs. Armed with this type of data you will be able to see at all times how your plant is performing whilst drawing your attention to any inefficiency which needs further investigation.
The easy to use and highly interactive graphical user interface includes intuitive graphs showing information such as kW, daily and total produced kWh, environmental savings such as CO2, trees and oil, environmental parameters such as solar irradiation, temperature and wind speed, financial information such as daily, total incentives and bill savings. All are easy to view via a standard web browser. Low resolution historical data can be stored for up to 30 years.
The EOS family of products is designed to interact with each other to build a comprehensive solution to monitor both single or multiple photovoltaic installations and includes the VMU-C embedded datalogger and web-server, the Eos-Array string monitoring solution the VMU-Y PV embedded software solution, the Eos-Server software for customers cloud solution and the PVS1 and PVS2 families of irradiance sensors.

EOS products can be integrated together, while allowing at the same time an easy interfacing with third party devices; monitored data are gathered from inverters, energy meters, string monitoring devices and environmental sensors, stored locally or remotely, transmitted through internet, presented and managed according to user needs.

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