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Posted in Carlo Gavazzi Switch Products by Alison on November 24th 2015

The SPUC and SPUBC are the latest additions to Carlo Gavazzi’s power supply range suited to applications where it is critical to provide DC power in case of mains failure.

The SPUC is a DIN rail mounting device controller which can be used to convert an existing conventional power supply into an uninterruptible power supply or to implement a new UPS system with a separate PSU.  It can handle up to 30A load current whilst the suggested battery sizes are from 4 to 12Ah.  The SPUC is available for both 12V dc or 24V dc applications.

The unit provides diagnostics with built-in battery test function, reverse polarity protection and output relay “DC OK”, “IN BACKUP MODE” and “BATTERY FAIL”.

If the 24Vdc input is cut off because of mains failure or blackout the SPUC will immediately switch the supply to the load by using the battery stored energy.

The SPUBC is an innovative smart DC power Supply and UPS, with power to and from the battery being managed independently.  The maximum available current for battery charging is set by means of a front trimmer.  It can be set  from 20% to 100%, which means that it possible to charge with up to 5A. The priority though is always the load. If the load requires 80% of the current, then the charging current available for the battery is only the remaining 20% regardless of the setting.

On the SPUBC24120 the rated output current is 5A, although, until the battery charge lasts, the power supply can provide 10A. SPUBC implements a comprehensive process called “Battery Care” that applies algorithms to obtain rapid and automatic charging, battery charge optimization over time, flat battery recovery and real time diagnostic during installation and operation. The Real Time auto-diagnostic system monitors battery faults such as battery sulphatation, elements in short circuit, accidental reverse polarity connection and battery disconnection or bad connection. All these can be easily detected and removed during installation and operation by the “diagnostic LED” Blinking signals.

Continuous battery efficiency monitoring reduces battery damage risk and allows safe operation in permanent connection.  They are programmed for two charging levels, boost and float/trickle, but can be changed to single charging level by the user.

All are approved to relevant European and North American standards CE and cULus.  Both units are ideally suited to applications such as but not restricted too hospital emergency systems, elevators and printing machines as well as materials handling, conveying systems and process control.

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