Revolutionise compressors and submersible pumps with HDMS

Posted in Carlo Gavazzi Switch Products by Alison on March 5th 2020

HDMS eliminates the start capacitor and reduces starting current by 70%

Carlo Gavazzi has launched HDMS, a unique and radical single phase motor starter that uses an innovative algorithm (patent pending) that can start a motor without a start capacitor, reduces starting current by 70% when compared to (DOL) starters and automatically adjusts internal parameters to match load requirements.

By offering reliability, cost savings and a tool free design Carlo Gavazzi’s HDMS ensures a faster and simpler installation.  The starting current is limited to <1.4 (boost up to 1.8) HDMS nominal current which reduces the starting volt/amp required.  The significantly reduced start up current also leads to fewer alarms in applications with a weak power supply.

The HDMS is equipped with class 10 overload protection to offer more protection for your motors and has an operating voltage of 110VAC up to 230 VAC, 50/60 Hz.

HDMS comes complete with integrated Modbus RTU RS485 interface, which allows the HDMS to be connected to a PC for real time monitoring or critical parameters such as energy and operating variables.  Stored data in the HDMS can be downloaded to any Android smartphone, tablet or PC, users will always be able to download data from the first 8 starts and the last 24 starts and stores the last 143 alarm events to ensure simple troubleshooting.

Typical applications include heat pumps, deep well pumps and refrigeration compressors and are CE and UL certified.

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