SSRs for Medical Equipment

Posted in Carlo Gavazzi Switch Products by Alison on March 19th 2020

The standard life of an SSR is 20 times that of a contact!  
Why use anything else.

As the government asks automotive companies to help build respirators and other vital equipment as quickly as possible it is worth highlighting the capabilities and products of Carlo Gavazzi.

Applications where noise interference is of great concern, Carlo Gavazzi will have the right solution. Low noise SSR’s are designed for light industrial applications as required in hospitals and the pharmaceutical market to ensure noise interference is avoided with other medical equipment.  SSRs can be used in different types of medical equipment for example a baby incubator or other portable appliances. Low noise SSR’s can be used for both resistive and inductive loads. Our new range of DC switching SSR’s provide further solutions for portable appliances.

What about blood? We all may need it at some time and it’s reassuring to know that blood is in good condition and readily available.  The refrigerators are designed to keep blood packs at a consistent chilled temperature for long periods of time. The RA series for example, can provide the need for accurate temperature control. Frequent switching of the cooling system as well as continuous switching on and off of the cooling system.

Whilst SSR’s may seem on the surface to be a costly option against standard mechanical contactors, failures due to contact wear and tear is entirely eliminated as there are no moving parts. This helps to avoid costly maintenance and down-time when a machine needs to have parts replaced.

All our SSRs AC or DC are designed for industrial use, therefore the advantages can be outlined easily as:

  • Long life and reliability
  • No contact arcing, low EMI, high surge capability
  • High resistance to shock and vibration
  • High resistance to aggressive chemicals and dust
  • No electromechical noise
  • Logic compatibility
  • Fast switching
  • Low coupling capacitance

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