Car Park Guidance System

Parking guidance systems complement the drive towards smart cities, easing congestion and reducing the wasted time and stress for users trying to find a parking space.  Traffic management systems in smart cities can direct drivers to available parking spaces, easing congestion and saving further waste of time and fuel on the endless search for somewhere to park the car.

Carlo Gavazzi is supplying its robust, reliable and completely scalable car park guidance system to many applications such as airports, hospitals, shopping centres, leisure facilities and hotels. As experts in building automation, including lighting and ventilation control as well as smart parking, Carlo Gavazzi is able to offer an integrated solution to generate significant cost savings.

So how does the system work? Each parking bay is fitted with an ultrasonic sensor which will detect if the space is available providing precise information on the exact number of available parking spaces and disabled bays as well as any reserved spaces. Displays using directional arrows and digits quickly guide the driver using the shortest route.

The system is easily and quickly installed using a 3-wire Dupline® bus and is simple to configure. Ceiling-mounted 45° ultrasonic sensor is installed at the entry of each parking space to detect if a vehicle is present, eliminating the need for a separate sensor and indicator.

It is possible to integrate other functions such as monitoring of lighting, ventilation, CO levels and movement detectors.  Seamless integration into a building management system (BMS) using the BACnet protocol while lighting control to allow lighting to be dimmed or turned off can be achieved by DALI protocol or relays. The use of I/O modules for ventilation fans can significantly reduce costs.

In car parks, lighting and ventilation are the two big energy consumers, often, the systems are switched on 100% continuously. There is significant potential for energy savings through intelligent demand-based control where lighting levels are based on the presence of people and cars, and the speed of ventilation fans is based on actual measured CO levels.

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