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Posted in Carlo Gavazzi Switch Products by Alison on June 8th 2021

HVAC gets smarter with HDMS

A faulty starting capacitor is often one of the most common causes of malfunction in single phase capacitor start/capacitor run (CSCR) motor. This type of motor is often used to drive equipment with a high starting torque such as scroll compressors used in HVAC equipment. If a start-capacitor deteriorates, the value of the electrical charge stored can change, which can lead to problems with starting torque that could prevent the motor from starting or tripping the motor's overloads. Similarly, if the start capacitor short-circuits this could result in motor winding to burn out.
Carlo Gavazzi HDMS soft starter eliminates the need for a starting capacitor altogether.  The High Dynamic Motor Starter (HDMS) features IGBT’s and an  innovative algorithm that ensures sufficient torque is generated to start a CSCR single phase motor,  thus giving you all the advantages of lower starting loads and stress on the pump and its components whilst increasing its longevity.

Eliminating the start capacitor can extend the lifetime and reliability of equipment reliant on a single phase CSCR motor.


A major advantage of HDMS, when compared to direct on-line (DOL) starters, is that the soft-starter can reduce start-up current by up to 75%, which can also help improve reliability by reducing alarms in applications with a weak power supply. And, in some instances, a lower start-up current might even help reduce utility tariff costs.



Limits the starting current for single phase scroll compressors and submersible pumps

No start capacitor required

Reduces light flickering when motor starts

Cost savings

Monitors supply and load conditions to protect your motors in case of abnormal operation

Less over-rating for generator driven loads

SCR bypassed main relay for longer lifetime

No settings required


Adapts to load conditions


Faster installation


Motor overload protection (Class 10)


Integrated protection


Complete monitoring


NFC communication and history download


Faster troubleshooting


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