Energy Solutions

Carlo Gavazzi leads the way in energy-conscious applications, with a full and vital product.  With buildings accounting for close to half the UK’s energy consumption, it is understandable why energy monitoring has become a major preoccupation of building managers.  The requirement for monitoring energy use is implicit in part L2 of the UK Building Regulations, which implements EU Directives aimed at lowering overall energy consumption and reducing carbon emissions.
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Smart Building Solutions

As specialists in the area of addressable building automation systems ultimately we can help reduce installation costs without compromising functionality. With our expertise and understanding of the ever changing requirements for building control and evolving technology, we can help guide you to get the correct infrastructure in place, whilst offering a realistic alternative to parallel wiring.

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Solar Solutions

Our energy management expertise easily applies itself to the management and control of Solar PV installations. Installing a solar photovoltaic system is a big investment and half measures in control and monitoring are a false economy.

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