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EM24 energy analyzer with wireless communication. The solution to easily and cost-effectively retrofit existing buildings with a M-Bus network where cabling is not possible.


WM15 the cost effective solution for measurement and analysis with easy and error-proof installation, ultra-fast commissioning and remote troubleshooting.


EM300 Series with innovative features and outstanding functionality for 3 phase energy metering applications.


EM280 Series Quick-fit energy meter offers compact size and extremely fast installation times providing a cost effective solution.


WM50 Multichannel power analyser can reduce installation, wiring and commissioning time together with the TCD12 current sensors.


WM20 Multichannel power analyser provides simple plug and play modules offering maximum flexibility.


SD2DUG24 Dupline® generator and Modbus gateway is the cost effective plug & play solution for interfacing Dupline® I/O modules to control systems.


SHE5XWLS4xFx Wirelesss flat switches provide easy mounting, even on glass walls.


CPA Series Contactless power analyser is the ideal solution for DC installations or mixed AC/DC environments.


VMU-MC/VMU-OC Modular pulse concentrators provide a modular energy management solution (VMU-MC main module + up to 3 VMU-OC extension modules).


SxQP360L Series Extended range PIR Sensor guarantees a greater convenience and cost saving in monitoring large environment.


UWP 3.0 Monitoring gateway and controller a single device which can resolve many energy management applications.


DPD Series Multifunction monitoring relay with NFC is a 3-phase voltage and frequency monitoring relay providing maximum flexibility in very compact dimensions.


Building Automation - Light control helps to maximize energy efficiency in relation to the external environmental conditions and occupancy of the building, while providing the highest levels of comfort, safety and quality.


People counting is a popular solution designed to monitor footfall and can easily be used to control occupancy levels to support social distancing measures, ensuring that a building does not become overcrowded.


EIS-H ON/OFF current monitoring relay is used to monitor the status of loads to ensure any failures are immediately detected by sending a signal to the PLC, BMS controller or Carlo Gavazzi’ s UWP.


The UWP-A is an endpoint adapter which provides long range (up to 10 km) communication to Carlo Gavazzi energy meters and power analyzers for easy integration into standard LoRaWAN® gateways (private networks) and LoRaWAN® public networks (smart cities).


The UWP 3.0 Edge is designed for monitoring and control of energy management systems and building automation functions. Powered by MAIA Cloud, it provides a secure and reliable system for remotely managing, setting and operating UWP 3.0 units worldwide as well as providing IoT cyber security rating by UL to Level SILVER for UWP 3.0 SE (Security Enhancement).


The UWP3.0 together with UWP-A and UWP-M LoraWAN end point adapter, maintains a completely secure integrated platform that provides smart communication over a low power wide area network for all EV Charging applications.

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