Do you meet the EU Ecodesign regulation 2019/1781?

Posted in Carlo Gavazzi Switches by Alison on August 30th 2022

Are your Machines Compliant?

Carlo Gavazzi’s range of innovative self-learning softstarts offer the highest levels of energy efficiency with the RSGD and RSGT taking central position in their role to reduce energy consumption, maximise resource efficiency and cut carbon emissions. 


Both designs most importantly, meet the EU Ecodesign regulation 2019/1781 which requires that motors with a rated output power from 0.75kW to 1000 kW must comply with the efficiency class which aims to improve efficiency and reduce CO2.


Both our RSGD and RSGT Softstarters offer:

  • Self-learning algorithm adjusting to the start parameters to optimise motor starts and stops
  • Current balancing is minimised reducing motor vibrations during startup, avoiding unnecessary and nuisance tripping of protection devices
  • Motor torque control eliminates water hammering and during ramp down provides a smoother deceleration of load which may cause premature failure of a pump
  • Real-time monitoring provides easy integration with PLC’s for communication of energy consumption, voltage, current and other electrical variables
  • Easy configuration via 3 rotary selector switches, saves considerable commissioning time providing a  faster installation and set-up, as only 3 settings are required (FLC, ramp-up and ramp down)


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