Carlo Gavazzi Switches

Carlo Gavazzi Switches

Do you meet the EU Ecodesign regulation 2019/1781?

Posted in Carlo Gavazzi Switches by Alison on August 30th 2022

Are your Machines Compliant? Carlo Gavazzi’s range of innovative self-learning softstarts offer the highest levels of energy efficiency with the RSGD and RSGT taking central position in their role to reduce energy consumption, maximise resource efficiency and cut carbon emissions.    Both designs most importantly, meet the EU Ecodesign regulation 2019/1781 which requires tha[…]

Realtime Switching for Machine Builders

Posted in Carlo Gavazzi Switches by Alison on July 19th 2022

Seamless integration - Machine Design to Machine Manufacture Offering new technologies is key in the era of industry 4.0, machine builders are looking for new ways to improve performance whilst building modular and scalable machines in a way that ensures there is no trade off between quality, performance and price. NRG is a system of digital solid-state relays with real-time switching, monitor[…]

RSBT 45mm Increases Flexibility and Efficiency

Posted in Carlo Gavazzi Switches by Alison on July 19th 2021

RSBT 45mm Soft Starts Drives Efficiency Carlo Gavazzi have enhanced its already popular RSBT 45mm unit, the easy to use and fast to install 3-phase soft starter for scroll compressors from 16A to 32A nominal current and offers Modbus communication. Fully equipped with an innovative patented self-learning algorithm that automatically adapts itself to the specific compressor it is controlling,[…]

Get smarter with your HVAC

Posted in Carlo Gavazzi Switches by Alison on June 8th 2021

HVAC gets smarter with HDMS A faulty starting capacitor is often one of the most common causes of malfunction in single phase capacitor start/capacitor run (CSCR) motor. This type of motor is often used to drive equipment with a high starting torque such as scroll compressors used in HVAC equipment. If a start-capacitor deteriorates, the value of the electrical charge stored can change, which can[…]

How long does your contactor last?

Posted in Carlo Gavazzi Switches by Alison on May 19th 2021

The standard life of an SSR is many times that of a mechanical contactor!      Carlo Gavazzi’s RG series of single-phase solid-state relays for power control applications, start at only 17.5mm wide providing a compact and space saving solution to optimise panel space.  Whilst SSR’s may seem on the surface to be a costly option against standard mechanical cont[…]

Is it time to change your SSR supplier

Posted in Carlo Gavazzi Switches by Alison on April 21st 2021

Are you experiencing obstacles with your current solid-state relay supplier?  Here at Carlo Gavazzi we build successful and lasting customer relationships and provide a stable and dedicated customer service and technical support team. On offer is a comprehensive range of solid state relays (SSRs) for both AC and DC standard switching applications as well as single and three phase.  B[…]

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