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The NRG platform is focused on optimising manufacturing operations quickly and efficiently providing the user with more cost-effective processes, real-time data monitoring, prevention of machine breakdown and accurate troubleshooting.

A white paper is available explaining the NRG concept and how it fits into today's changing market.

To download the white paper click on the link: White Paper and go to Brochure downloads.


RGx P...K series provides precise control and energy savings thanks to the wide range of selectable switching modes.



HDMS eliminates the start capacitor and reduces motor starting current by 70%.


The RGC Series is the ideal solution for protection against short circuits with B-type MCBs.


SPDM power supplies are very slim devices that take up minimal space in the cabinet whilst ensuring optimal performance.


 RGTS single phase soft start reduces motor starting current by around 40% vs DOL.


RGS1..M/RGC..M solid state relays with integrated monitoring provides cost savings due to the efficient detection of failures.


RSWT series of soft starters have an innovative self-learning algorithm function to ensure a smooth soft starting and stopping of pumps.


RK Series offers a space saving design.


RSGD Series self-learning algorithm saves considerable set-up time.


RF1 Series offers compact dimensions and fast installation.


SPDC/SPDM power supplies with metal enclosures provide high performance and a compact design.


RM1D solid state relay features high switching frequencies, fast switching times and low dissipation Mosfets with an extended output voltage ratings.


The 1-phase chassis mounted SSR provides top performance and quality, thanks to the latest direct copper and wire bonding technology.


Our white paper explains the NRG concept and how it fits into today's changing market and click on the brochure downloads tab to download.


RSBS 3rd generation 1-phase compressor soft starter reduces compressor start current by more than 50%. Performing a self-learning algorithm for smooth soft starting and stopping of pumps to ensure optimal starts and stops even under different load conditions and minimises any vibrations.


RSBT series self-learning scroll compressor soft starter offers a wide range of solutions and features a self-learning algorithm that automatically adjusts the start parameters to reduce the compressor starting current.

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