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City Cruise Terminal, Southampton, Hampshire

Customer Issue -Cruise Terminal buildings are similar toairport departure lounges except they are only active while a cruise liner is present, the rest of the time it remains dormant. This means that the building only needs to be heated and lit at certain times when a Cruise Liner is docked. Manual control of the heating and lighting results in high energy use because it was no always switched off after use. The terminal building is long to match the size of the ship and has different lighting and heating circuits distributed throughout the building.

Requirements - To facilitate control and management ABP wanted a low cost solution that gave them automatic control of the heating and lighting together with a centralised control point, that could also monitor essential services within the port. This would remove the problem staff forgetting to switch off lights and heating thus providing an energy saving.

Solution - A traditional BMS controller would require a high level point to point or parallel wiring cost, therefore a bus based system was chosen. The Dupline two wire fieldbus system offers free topology and runs on practically any 2 core cable. Long distances of up to 10km are possible without the need for repeaters. In addition to this many of the I/O modules are bus powered thus removing the need for local power.

It was decided to fit a ring of cable around the building and tee off to local distribution boards, as well as other locations where I/O was needed. Future expansion is possible by simply adding another I/O device and adding the address.

Achieved benefits:
• Simple 2 wire system that reduced installation cost
• Higher level of comfort for customers using the terminal building
• Full control from one central location
• Reduced energy consumption by using time scheduling
• Future expansion possible due to bus concept

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Associated British Ports Associated British Ports

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