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Customer issue - The five-star properties in the Grange Hotels Group wanted an automation system in every room that would not only ensure convenience and comfort for guests, but would also contribute toward cost savings and a reduction in carbon footprint.


Solutiondevelop a fully integrated control system – a BH8-CTRLX-230 smart-house controller is at the core of M-Solutions systemwhich sits on a dedicated network in each room or suite, in order to control and monitor the lighting, heating and air conditioning, together with full integration of the entertainment and security system.

The smart-house Dupline controller in each room is programmed to send hourly updated to the Web service ensuring comprehensive dashboard reporting and efficient Management. 
The distributed architecture means that the lighting control is not dependent on external servers. Any problems are easily contained in the room’s autonomous network which ensures multiple rooms are not affected.
Public areas of the hotel such as lobbies and dining areas are also easily managed with dedicated tablets running a bespoke applications.
Achieved benefits:
• Installation and wiring costs are dramatically reduced
• Unintrusive maintenance
• A reduction in energy usage and carbon footprint
• Superb luxury guest experience
• Seamless integration with hotel’s management system


Grange Hotel Grange Hotel

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