NYSE Euronext, London

Customer issue- NYSE Euronext needed to install an automated lighting control system in their new 14,500m² Data Centre. The challenge was to find an easy to maintain lighting control system that could allow automatic operation together with manual override where required.
Many areas needed to be controlled including the data centre zone, stores area and corridors. The system needed to balance artificial with natural light, and switch off lights in areas when nobody was there.
The Solution- The Carlo GavazziDupline® Fieldbus system of I/O modules meant that lighting panels could be constructed and fitted in key locations distributed throughout the building, with all light switch keypads, LUX and motion sensors sitting on a simple 2 wire bus. The same cable is used to power the devices and communicate with a central controller, a simple program in the controller binds the points together to achieve the level of control required to provide the energy efficiency and convenience level required.
Achieved benefits:
• Simple solution that’s easy to install, program and maintain
• Miniature Dupline® input modules allow the use of low cost robust grid switches
• Free topology of bus cable – no special cable required
• Completely scalable to fit the application and upgrade in the future
• Reduced energy consumption by using predefined functions within the system
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