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Carlo Gavazzi’s Dupline® 2 wire fieldbus solution

Customer issue - To monitor the status of dampers in buildings with a BMS controller normally requires a considerable amount of parallel wiring, because each individual damper is connected to the BMS controller with a dedicated cable. This method of installation is very labour intensive due to the distances the cable has to be pulled; not to mention the cost of the cable itself. In addition, a BMS controller with a significant amount of inputs is also required.
Solution - Replace the parallel wiring with Carlo Gavazzi’s Dupline® 2 wire fieldbus solution. Miniature digital input modules are located in junction boxes close to each damper to pick up the input from the dampers end switch. The I/O modules are powered by the 2 wire bus, removing the need for a local power supply. Each I/O module has a unique address so it can be identified on the network. The cable type used in a Dupline network is not critical and does not have to be screened or twisted. Topology is completely free, providing maximum flexibility for the installation of the cable. A Dupline® to Modbus interface module was implemented to make the connection between the Dupline® system and the BMS controller.
Achieved benefits:
• Installation and wiring costs are dramatically reduced
• The BMS controller requires fewer inputs
• Easy to maintain
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Smart Build Commercial Carlo Gavazzi Dupline 2 wire fieldbus solution

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