Whinstone View

Whinstone View, Great Ayton, North Yorkshire


Whinstone View is home to no ordinary log cabins and a renowned bistro, spa, barn and luxury cabins at Great Ayton, a village in the Hambleton district of North Yorkshire, on the edge of the stunning North York Moors National Park.

The owners of the holiday cabins have provided every possible amenity for a memorable stay. The luxury lodges come equipped with their own hot tub and Carlo Gavazzis Dupline smart building system is at the heart of a control system whereby residents can use a tablet computer to set their preference for heating and lighting scenes and take control of audio visual devices. The owners already had a previous generation of Carlo Gavazzis Dupline system, but they were keen to add some additional features. The latest upgrade means that the system is now linked back to the reception area, so that they can set welcoming lighting scenes and switch the heating on remotely for when guests arrive.

As well as scene-setting lighting and warming up the cabins to welcome guests, reception can now drive energy efficiency at the site for example, reception can override settings if temperatures have been left too high when guests are out for the day or have left the lights on.

Modules used on the system include light switches, lux control and temperature controllers. Heating is provided by individual gas boilers in each lodge, with a combination of LED and halogen lamps providing the lighting. The control network also takes charge of external lighting around the lodges, again with increased functionality. Daylight sensors on the network ensure lights only come on when necessary. This will improve energy efficiency and save money for the owners.

Whinstone View now boasts a cutting edge smart building control system, with centralised control from reception.

Whinstone View Whinstone View

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