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Carlo Gavazzi’s EM24 meters - the first of their kind to earn full MID Certification from PTB in Germany

Landlord, managers and tenants of a prestige office complex in London’s Mayfair are reckoned to be the first in Europe to benefit from metering and billing; compliant with the European Measuring Instruments Directive (MID). The owners of 1 Curzon Street have installed Carlo Gavazzi’s EM24 meters--the first of their kind to earn full MID Certification from PTB in Germany.
Late in 2006, this was proving a major issue for the management of 1 Curzon Street, which is one of many highclass buildings in Mayfair Commercial’s portfolio. The firm is owned by the Abu Dhabi Royal Family and, as a result, there is no compromise on quality throughout the property. Mayfair’s managing agents GVA Grimley look after around 30 tenant meters and 11 landlord supplies panel meters in the building, located in client premises and communal areas.
The EM24 is a single or 3-phase Energy Analyser and kWh & kvarh meter, with dual pulse output. It’s MID Class B rating is equivalent to the EN62053-21 Class 1. A joystick selects display of Watts, var, voltage, current, power factor, frequency, demand and phase sequence. Digital outputs can be used either for pulse proportional to the active and reactive energy being measured, or for alarm outputs. Alternatively a RS485 communication port and three digital inputs are available as options. 
The unit comes in a DIN rail mount casing offering IP50 (front) protection against moisture and dust ingress. It can be connected directly to up to 65A supplies, as well as to external current or potential transformers. 
In Curzon Street, installation had to contend with a very narrow time window. The Mayfair offices are used 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, occupied as they are by a broad range of tenants including financial traders and international companies.
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