Pace Project Profile

Pace Plc, Saltaire, West Yorkshire

Pace plc, is one of the biggest set-top box brands world­wide and a leader in high-definition equipment; and is com­mitted to enhancing its environmental performance through a number of strategies covering the design of its products, relationships with supply-chain partners, and environmental management at company sites including activities to improve energy efficiency; reducing consumption while continuing to fulfil business targets.

Facilities Manager Graham Barker and his team installed an electricity metering and management system comprising of 14 networkable EM24 energy meters and Carlo’s Power­Soft energy management software. By making energy data readily accessible, covering individual labs and offices, the plan has drawn in the majority of employees, who have become active in the drive to reduce electricity consumption. Staff at Pace’s headquarters are paying close attention to details such as turning off unused soldering irons and using the various power-saving modes of their PCs. The cumulative effects of these small actions are realising tangible savings.

Pace’s energy-reduction plan also recognises that much of the site’s electricity is consumed by systems not directly con­trolled by the staff, including services such as lighting, air conditioning and other plant. Passive Infrared (PIR) sensors installed throughout the site now enable more efficient con­trol by automatically detecting room occupancy and adjust­ing settings accordingly.
Since the first meters were installed, Pace’s results have been highly successful. There has been a significant reduction in energy consumed at Saltaire, since beginning to measur­ing and communicate our energy performance. One lab alone, which has about 100 people, has reduced its power budget by some 20kW.

Pace Project Profile Pace Project Profile

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