Fourways, Painswick, Cotswolds

Fourways, Painswick, Cotswolds

The installation utilised smart-house products such as light switch keypads, movement detectors, light intensity sensors, dimmers, relays and temperature displays. The smart-house controller has further integration possibilities with third party products via a Modbus interface, over a serial or Ethernet connection. At the house, the controller links with a Cytech security system featuring door access control. The security system can also send SMS or voice messages when an alarm is triggered.

The lighting system uses a third party touch panel interface, which also controls the heating (via smart-house relays and temperature sensors), audio and video. Special drivers were used to enable the smart-house to communicate with the Opus audio touch screen controller, whilst smart-house protocol is used to switch on lights according to inputs from PIR and motion sensors.

Routine scheduled on off sequences are augmented by the use of external sensors to switch internal lights on at dusk. Also a holiday mode was implemented, where activity of certain lighting circuits is recorded and replayed when the homeowner is away, this is set when the alarm system is armed. Furthermore, the house lights can flash in the event of a smoke detector alarm in addition to an audible signal. Water leak detectors were also installed and similarly linked to the house lights.

Smart-house’s two-wire bus also controls the new under floor heating along with a heat recovery system. Heating is controlled per floor and can be set back at night or when the home is unoccupied. Optimising control of the heat recovery system helps to maximise cost savings as well as reducing
environmental impact. The smart-house two wire bus system made planning easy and provides plenty of flexibility for last minute changes and future expansion.

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