Highclere, Weybridge, Surrey

Simple two-wire connection

Heating and lights are controlled by smart-house. Its two-wire bus, communicates between components and also sup­plies them with power, resulting in a quicker installation, low­er complexity and cleaner lines. It offers safety benefits, too. Because the smart-house network operates from low-voltage DC power, there is no AC mains supply to the switches and other devices used to control the system. Occupants are therefore separated from the AC lines that distribute power throughout the lighting and heating circuits.

Climate control

Room temperatures can be set individually with separate set­tings according to whether the room is occupied or not. The system can turn down the temperature in an unoccupied room to save heating, and enables the entire house to be put into a low-energy “sleep” mode, for example, when the family are at work or abroad. To save further energy, the controller offers a night setback function, and the control bus even allows heating to be turned on and off remotely, via mobile phone or the World Wide Web. In addition there are smart-house temperature controllers with display units in every room. These slim and unobtrusive units can display outdoor temperature as well as current room temperature, additionally providing the ability to set wanted room temperature and night setback.


In addition to heating and light, the smart-house system is connected to the house’s intruder detectors. The system can be programmed so that house lights flash when there is a security breach, as well as sounding the alarm. Switching lights on and off in each room at two-second intervals is psychologically distracting and makes it extremely difficult for an intruder to search for valuable keys, jewellery and in­formation such as credit card details. It also draws attention to the house from outside, further deterring any intruder from their actions. The system could also playback loud music or alarm sounds in each room, to further persuade the intruder to leave. Naturally, the Police can be notified automatically, along with key-holders and other designated people. 

Highclere, Weybridge, Surrey Highclere, Weybridge, Surrey

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