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A continued increase in fuel prices are encouraging homes to be moreenergy consciousand in turn is giving rise to new opportunitiesfor electricians & installers. The technology to automatically control and co-ordinate domestic heating, lighting and general electrical systems, the national focus on energy management has catapulted the idea of self-regulating energy efficient homes right to the top of the agenda.

Using proven control and networking components combined with your choice of switches and fittings. The occupants will experience added convenience as well as savings in energy costs. Even the home entertainment system is networked, as well as networked wall outlets for HDTV and PC/Internet connection.
The house senses change in daylight levels, as well as the presence of the occupants. Walk into an empty room, in the early evening for example, and the lights are automatically switched on and adjusted to the best dimming level to make use of any daylight available. Leave the room, and the lights are switched off. This saves a huge proportion of wasted electricity, without requiring any thought from the occupant.

Temperature sensors linked to radiators in each room allow independent control over the temperatures in various “zones” in the house, to save fuel costs. The system can turn down the temperature in an unoccupied room to save heating, and enables the entire house to be put into a low-energy “sleep” mode, for example during daytime hours when the occupants are out at work or school.

Almost anything is possible, from adjusting lights and heating to drawing curtains, playing music throughout the house, and even turning on the kettle when the owner’s car pulls up outside. In fact, a complete “welcome home” routine can be programmed. Other sophisticated features of the Smart House controller include 7-day record and playback, which allows the house to learn aspects of the occupants’ routines and automatically adjust settings to suit each day of the week. The heating system can learn to turn on at a later time on Sunday mornings, for example.
Perhaps more importantly, given today’s complicated lifestyles,the system can be tuned to the needs of shift workersor multi-occupancy dwellings by controlling individual rooms independently.

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