Carlo Gavazzi continues expansion of meter range with EM210

Posted in Carlo Gavazzi Controls by Alison on June 14th 2016

Easy-to-install and enhanced technological functionality in response to market requirements

Carlo Gavazzi’s popular EM210 series has recently been upgraded with  technological enhancements such as THD, Neutral current and hour counter to link the energy consumption to the relevant working hours as well as, the new CTV versions available in 2 input voltage ranges MV53 or MV63 and 333mV current signal.

Installation is fast and simple, thanks to the meter’s self-power supply from the voltage reference inputs, automatic phase detection with wrong-phase-sequence warning and fast application-oriented programming procedure.

Current measurements can be carried out by means of the external split core current sensor which when fitted restricts the voltage to the meter to 333mV; making it a favourable solution for the installer.  By using split core current sensor technology, no primary wiring disturbances are needed in existing installations therefore it eliminates the need to disconnect or modify the power cables during installation.

A selection of variables can be programmed providing for active and reactive energy measurement or a complete set from 6 sets of 3-phase variables. Options include: system variables such as W, var, PF, Hz and phase-sequence; single-phase variables including A, PF and THD (A, V, up to 15th Harmonic); relevant phase to phase and phase to neutral voltages and phase currents. The THD can be enabled or disabled by the user.  The EM210 can also calculate and display the neutral current instantaneous value.

Available with pulse only or pulse and Modbus output to provide fast and easy data transmission to connect with PC’s, PLC’s BMS or other data acquisition and monitoring systems.

Instantaneous variables are displayed as 3 x 3 digits, with energy meter readings to 7 digits. Accuracy is ±0.5% RDG (V, A), and the meter is rated Class B (kWh) according to EN50470-3 (class 1 of EN62053-21), Class 2 (kvarh) according to EN62053-23

The EM210 3 phase energy meter is a sibling of the extremely popular family of EM21 3 phase energy meters, all  boast its unique patented detachable display which enables the meter to be mounted either on a front panel with just 72x72mm footprint, or on a DIN-rail in only four modules wide and can be used as either a basic energy or multifunction meter combining simplicity and compactness in an innovative and cost-effective energy meter solution for building management systems and cost allocation. All meters within the range can utilise a new mounting frame to allow any of our 72mm x 72mm meters to be mounted as a 96mm x 96mm panel or DIN rail mounted meter, designed with a dedicated slot to allow for tamper proof sealing after installation of a MID meter.

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