EM280 ensures fast installation for multiple load monitoring

Posted in Carlo Gavazzi Controls by Alison on August 2nd 2016


Carlo Gavazzi has expanded its popular EM200 Series range with the introduction of EM280 and TCD06BX, a unique solution for 6 channel metering up to 32 amps.  As with all Carlo Gavazzi energy meters and analysers they are easy and fast to install, simple to wire and delivers accurate metering performance.

The EM280 can measure up to two three phase loads or up to six single phase loads as well as creating a virtual meter to provide the sum of all the loads in one meter.

Available as either Modbus + Pulse or Modbus + Modbus versions it provides fast and easy data transmission to PCs and PLCs for full load control, whilst all electrical parameters of the installation can be sent via the RS485 serial port for integration with BMS (Building Management Systems) and other standard acquisition-monitoring systems.

A choice of systems can be programmed providing active and reactive energy measurement of a selection of 3-phase or single phase loads. Features include: system variables such as W, var, PF, Hz and phase-sequence; single-phase variables including A, VLL, VLN, PF; TRMS measurements with distorted sine waves; and energy measurements (total kWh and kvarh) for up to two 3-phase loads or 6 single phase loads. Voltage connection is achieved by detachable terminals allowing fast daisy chain of up to 20 meters.

Instantaneous variables are displayed as 3 x 3 digits, with energy meter readings to 6+1 digit resolution. Accuracy is ±0.75% RDG ( A) for complete meter and CT combination and the meter is rated equivalent to class 1 (kWh) according EN62053-21.
Operating temperature range is from -25°C to +55°C and the front panel offers IP50 protection against ingress.

The patented self-powering detachable display enables the meter to be mounted either on a front panel with just 72x72mm footprint, or on a DIN-rail in only four modules wide.

Featuring a 6 channel detachable dual RJ12 connector block (TCD06BX series) specifically designed for the EM280 it can measure 32A per channel.  It can be panel mounted and installed in a row keeping the 17.5mm home centred between 2 channels.

The EM280 quick-fit meter is especially suited critical load applications such as data centres and hospitals or when detailed cost allocation is required such as in shopping centres or shared commercial properties, the EM280 can measure the consumed energy.

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