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Posted in Carlo Gavazzi Controls by Alison on April 13th 2016

Carlo Gavazzi has extended its ever popular VMUC-EM energy platform with the introduction of VMU-D. A module to connect a USB dongle, which provides 3G and 4G internet connection to provide a comprehensive energy monitoring system which can be remotely managed by means of the 3G or 4G mobile network.


The VMU-D provides a reliable and cost effective way to collect and view data remotely in applications where there is no hard wired internet connection. The compact unit is only 2 DIN wide and provides a plug and play configuration via the VMUC- EM interface.


Compatible with all products within the VMUC EM and VMUC-Y family the VMU-D comes complete with a Watchdog feature which can prevent common mobile network disconnection issues and provides full SMS and alarm functionality.


The VMU-C EM energy platform has proved significant. A modular solution, the VMU-C EM allows you to gather data from a number of energy meters, power analysers and VMU Series I/O modules on a single installation and view this information on any PC.


For a single site this integrated web server unit provides the necessary data to be used as a standalone solution allowing the user to monitor and manage their energy consumption and ensure that their plant is running efficiently. But perhaps the real benefit of this system is the ability of the VMU-C EM to act as a gateway which gives the user complete flexibility in the way in which the information is handled.


VMU-C EM sits at the core of a distributed architecture providing data from a central source and its M2M functionality allows it to automatically transfer this data via FTP, HTTP or MODBUS/TCP to a remote server where a Scada or Building Management System (BMS) is running. For example, if a building is controlled via a BMS the VMU-C EM provides data to the BMS which uses the information to take relevant actions such as making alterations to the operation of the plant in order to optimise efficiency.


The main benefits of VMU-C EM is that it also acts as a gateway to other self-contained solutions which have gained in popularity as a result of the fact that many companies find it easier, and financially more viable to commit to a single capital expenditure rather than to ongoing hosting costs.


The VMUC-EM series ensures optimal performance in projects focused on energy efficiency improvement, energy data management and renewable generation monitoring.

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