Does your room controller measure up

Posted in Carlo Gavazzi Produal Products by Alison on January 11th 2017

Does your room control measure up

HLS 44-BAC is a versatile room controller for individual room temperature and VAV control applications, which can easily be connected to any system that supports BACnet MS/TP protocol using the galvanically isolated RS-485 connection.  

The controller can easily be mounted on the wall or on a flush mounting box and supports 0-10 V controlled actuators and/or thermal actuators and 0-10 V controlled dampers.   The EC fan coil fan speed can be controlled directly with a 0-10 V output and an additional 0-10 V output is reserved for variable air volume control (VAV).

Temperature is detected with an internal or external NTC10 sensor (terminals included).  Alternatively the external temperature sensor terminals can be used for connecting door/window contact or condensation switch.

The controller has day and night operating modes. The operating modes can be controlled by an external card switch, PIR occupancy detector, over BACnet or from the menu. The day mode can be activated temporarily for a specific time by touching the "man in house" button. The temporary time can be 1...480 min. After that delay, the controller returns to the night mode if the day mode is not simultaneously activated over the BACnet.

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